Burning Questions

Where do you deliver?

We are based in Leavenworth, Washington and will travel within a ~1.5 hr radius of town (Lake Chelan, Index, Cle Elum).

Is There a minimum booking period?

For private sauna rentals, the typical booking period is 24 hrs but we can be flexible for events, collabs, special locations, etc. 

Where can you park the sauna?

Driveway, backyard, campground, ski resort RV lot, you name it! More information on locations & sauna rental requirements can be found HERE!

What If we Don't have a place or Space to Park it?

We have a few different options--Reach out to us at  hello@enchantmentmobilesauna.com and we can help!


Technically, the sauna can be run completely off-grid! An electrical outlet & water spigot are only required (w/i 100 ft of the parking location) if you are adding on string lighting and/or plunge pools to your sauna rental. Read all of our sauna rental requirements HERE!


It takes us roughly 1 hr to set up and 1 hr to tear down. This can vary depending on each individual parking location.

WHAT if it snows before my delivery?

Living in a winter wonderland means...it snows! We will do light shoveling but any roads and parking locations need to be plowed/shoveled. Read all of our sauna rental requirements HERE!

Are kids welcome in the sauna?

Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Will you show us how the sauna works?

Of course! We will spend a few minutes together for a brief orientation of our mobile sauna. We will also leave behind written directions.

How hot does the sauna get?

The sauna can get up to ~220° F but this will depend on a number of factors--Type of wood used, amount of wood used, whether you pour water on the rocks or not + ventilation.

What is included in my mobile sauna rental?

Check out what's included in your mobile sauna rental HERE!

What if we run out of provided sauna fire wood?

As a general rule softwoods are great for starting your fire and hardwoods are better for keeping it burning hot . That being said, seasoned wood (< 20% moisture) from the grocery store/gas station should be fine in a pinch!
  • NEVER use wood containing tree sap
  • NEVER burn painted or stained wood
  • AVOID using fresh cut or gathered wood

How should we prepare to sauna?

You will want to shower and be free of makeup, lotions & perfumes before entering the sauna. We also recommend sufficiently hydrating!

What should we bring to sauna?

For private sauna rentals all you'll need is a water bottle! For community pop-ups and events, please also bring your own towels.

Should we wear a swimsuit in the sauna?

Yes, we ask that swimsuits/athletic attire be worn during both private sauna rentals & community pop-ups. Please see all of sauna rules HERE!

How long should we stay in the sauna?

As long as you are comfortable--Listen to your body, it is not a competition!

What are your sanitation procedures?

The sauna is disinfected and dried out after each rental. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We take a 50% non-refundable date reservation fee at the time of booking. Final payment is due 7 days out. If you need to cancel after the final payment has been made, we will happily reschedule your rental. Cancellations made more than 7 days out will not be charged the final 50% balance. 

If we have to cancel for any reason (winter storm, etc.) and your date(s) cannot be rescheduled, we will issue a refund.